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Only after successful completion of installation can this form be filled out by the lead assembler preferably in the presence of either the end-client and/or the distributor. By filling in this form you are confirming that the products are in good condition and that there are no faults. After pressing the “Activate Warranty” button this form will be sent to Taiga whereupon it will be stored on file for the life of the warranty (5 years).

通过填写此表格,您确认产品状况良好且没有缺陷。按下“激活保修”按钮后,此表格将发送至 Taiga,然后在保修期限(5 年)内保存存档。

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    Installation company 安装公司

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    By ticking the following boxes you confirm proper installation and good condition. 备注通过勾选以下方框,确认安装正确且状况良好。
    Take the long distance shot of product. Supported filetypes: .jpg, .gif, .png 对产品进行远距离拍摄。支持的文件类型:.jpg、.gif、.png