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About Us

Taiga Concept is a Finnish provider of diverse soundproof space solutions. Our product portfolio draws inspiration from the serene ambiance found in Nordic forests. At Taiga, we offer minimalist and functional soundproof workspaces that can be tailored to suit any office environment. Our comprehensive product range caters to diverse office space requirements, encompassing phone booths, personal workstations, co-working areas, conference rooms, and even larger modular solutions up to 28 square meters. This versatility is made possible through our innovative modular product design.

Your Natural Workspace

Taiga embodies a profound connection to the natural world. Genuine warmth of wooden veneers, foster a sense of authenticity, inviting comfort and well-being. Every design element, from cozy acoustics to pleasant lighting, is carefully considered to uphold the natural feel of the product. This ensures a harmoni- ous synergy of form and function. Glass walls on both sides further enhance this experience, creating a comfortable and natural sense of space.

Timeless Simplicity

Taiga’s workspaces are a testament to timeless design. Marked by clean lines and a minimalist essence, they stand the test of time, in both durability and trends. Functionality merges seamlessly with the design, offering user-friendly plug-and-play units that are intuitively accessible. Taiga’s design maximizes spatial efficiency, embracing a spectrum of sizes, accessories and modular configurations. Rooted in a designer’s perspective, these spaces embody user-centric simplicity that avoid overwhelming complexity

Collaborative spirit

Our customer-centric and collaborative approach is at the heart of every- thing we do. This extends to a workspace solution that is not only timeless, but customizable to adapt to the unique aesthetics and needs of any given environment. From various veneer and upholstery options to furniture and ac- cessories that allow for the creation of various activity zones and layouts. In ad- dition to our many configuration choices, we have strong expertise in crafting novel tailored solutions.