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Taiga was born out of a desire to bring the quiet, calming, and restorative effects of Nordic nature into the workplace. That is also why the environment has always been a top-of-mind thing for us. We design workspace solutions that last and can be reused and reassembled various times. Our supply chain choices follow the nature-inspired high-quality design of our products. This includes choosing responsibly sourced natural and renewable materials, resource-efficient manufacturing and sustained maintenance service. We work with partners that share our values and constantly reassess and aim to find areas where resource efficiency and circularity can be improved.

Made-to-order reusable products
Renewable, certified materials
Controlled sourcing and production

Controlled Supply Chain

1. Design & Sourcing

Taiga workspaces are designed in Finland. Materials are carefully chosen and  sourced with respect to our design philosophy to create timeless and sustainable products that are meant to last. 

2. Manufacturing

Taiga’s workspaces are made to order, and with localised production in the EU and Asia. With resource efficient manufacturers, we are able to control our production sustainably according to needs

3. Distribution

Distribution follows our localised production principle. Components are gathered at one of our manufacturers or a hub, and delivered from the closest factory to the client, minimising emissions. 

4. Use

Products are assembled on location by Taiga-trained specialists. Workspaces have a long life span and are covered by comprehensive after-sales support.

5. Reuse & Recycle

We design workspace solutions that have a long life span. Taiga products can be reused and reassembled multiple times. Wearing parts can easily be replaced.