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About Us

Taiga Concept is a Finnish provider of diverse soundproof space solutions. Our product portfolio draws inspiration from the serene ambiance found in Nordic forests. At Taiga, we offer minimalist and functional soundproof workspaces that can be tailored to suit any office environment. Our comprehensive product range caters to diverse office space requirements, encompassing phone booths, personal workstations, co-working areas, conference rooms, and even larger modular solutions up to 28 square meters. This versatility is made possible through our innovative modular product design.


Taiga was born out of a desire to bring the quiet, calming, and restorative effects of Nordic nature into the workplace. Our founders, a couple of Finnish designers and craftsmen, saw a need for distraction-free workspaces that could provide employees with a relief from the noise and chaos of modern work environments. Their desire was to create a space where people could focus, recharge, and be inspired by the beauty and purity of nature.

To achieve this, they turned to the natural materials that were most familiar to them. They sourced the highest quality wood, glass, and other materials from sustainable sources, and used their expertise in design and craftsmanship to create workspaces that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. They also incorporated natural acoustics and technology to ensure that the spaces were truly comfortable, private, and peaceful.

Over time, Taiga has grown to become a trusted partner in workplace design with
a commitment to timeless simplicity, innovation, sustainability, and flexibility. Our workspaces have been installed in the offices of industry-leading companies all over the world, helping to make work feel less like work and more like a natural, inspiring, and even restorative experience.

At Taiga, we believe that the workplace should be a place where people can thrive and be their best selves. By bringing the quiet, calming, beneficial effects of nature into the modern workplace, we’re helping to create a world where work is not seen as something we must do, but rather a way of life that inspires and fulfils us.

  • 2013
    Founders meet

    Taiga's founders cross paths in Kuopio Academy of Design. Tapani Laukkanen leading a project on innovative interior materials and Pekka was a student of interior architecture.

  • 2015
    Taiga founded

    Two years later, the two met again, and idea of Taiga was born. During the same year Picea Interior Oy was founded, which would later be known as Taiga.

  • Research & development

    During the first year, the company focused on building a product portfolio and a business model. One of the biggest challenges in the beginning was finding the right distribution channels. This was partly due to the lack of references and the fact that the product images were just 3D visualisations.

  • 2016
    First Large Project

    Eventually, the determination led to a significant project: YLE’s office in Helsinki needed ‘office booths’ for every floor in a seven-story office. It was a significant basis for the company and can be seen as the starting point for its commercial activities.

  • Product transformation

    In the same year, the product went through a complete transformation. The solid wood structures were placed by a veneered cell structure. This was the foundation of the classic Lohko Box workspace. The more light and agile structures made the product viable not only in Finland but also abroad. This was a key factor in the fast expansion to international markets.

  • 2018
    Orgatec Furniture Fair

    Taiga Concept attended Orgatec, one of the biggest fairs for office furniture and products. There was huge interest for the minimalistic and functional Lohko Box -workspace from both architects and distributors. The fair was a remarkable stepping stone in putting Taiga on the map.

  • 2018
    Taiga expands to APAC

    Taiga starts a subsidiary in Asia and collaboration with partners begins.

  • 2020
    Lohko Box V3.0

    The new version of the Lohko Box workspace signified an important progress in the product development. Improvements were made to electrics, ventilation and materials, one of the most important ones being the control panel. All upgades still followed Taiga's minimalistic desing philosophy.

  • Kauppalehti Growth Award

    Taiga got recognize for being one of the fastest growing companies in Finland by the leading economic newspaper.

  • 2021
    Lohko Flex

    A large space solution of up to 28 square meters was introduced. This was a significant development in demonstrating Taiga's ability for customisation - and being a comprehensive provider of workspace solutions of all sizes.

  • 2022
    A record-breaking year

    Taiga achieved a record revenue of 6.9 million euros. Workspaces are in use in 26 different countries around the world.

  • 2023
    Large Projects and new parternships

    A project to define our core competencies, hone brand messaging, and evolve the look and feel of our brand. Embracing our values in Nature, timeless simplicity, and collaborative spirit.

Design Philosophy

’’The starting point was Scandinavian simplicity and the desire to create a product portfolio which offers timeless design and space. The result was a refined and simple concept, drawn out of Nordic nature and its silence.

Like many Scandinavians, I experience the greatest sense of freedom when I am connected with nature. There isn’t a more relaxing environment than a snowcovered forest or a still lake in the summer time.

The connection to nature prevails in every design. That is what makes Taiga so unique.’’

– Pekka Eskelinen, Head of Design