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Lindt – A Sophisticated Workspace Solution

Lindt, renowned for its exceptional Swiss chocolate, embarked on a remarkable journey when they decided to build a new museum celebrating the world of chocolate, the Lindt Home of Chocolate in Kilchberg, Switzerland. This attractive building not only serves as a museum but also offers a modern workplace for around 60 employees. Claudia Di Giuseppe, the Head of HR and Hospitality at Lindt Switzerland, was in charge of overseeing the development of this unique and flexible new office space.

A Well-Planned Modular Solution

The goal for Lindt was to blend private workspaces with open collaborative areas. To achieve this, they needed a solution that would not only complement the office’s architecture but also provide functionality and flexibility. As a newly built office – Lindt got the chance to build a functional office from scratch, with enough space for both private and collaborative work in a more open setting. Together in collaboration with Ergodata and Witzig, Taiga provided an optimal soundproof workspace solution. 

Design and Craftsmanship

Taiga Boxes appealed to Lindt because of their timeless design, and high-quality craftsmanship. Impressed by the wooden veneer surfaces, Lindt made a thoughtful choice to blend two complementary Oak shades, achieving an ideal harmony in both aesthetics and user experience. The exterior boasts a sophisticated dark hue, while the interior radiates a welcoming light with the natural oak. According to Claudia, the design and natural feel of the Lohko Box workspaces have integrated seamlessly into Lindt’s office: 

‘The workspaces fit seamlessly into the design of the office. We have been glad to observe that even after 2.5 years of heavy usage, the workspaces have maintained their beauty and functionality,’ Claudia explains. 

Functionality and Usage

The Lohko Boxes serve multiple purposes within the Lindt office. The larger office booths are used for ad-hoc meetings but can also be flexibly reserved. They are important in providing teams with a private and soundproof space to collaborate or discuss confidential matters. As remote meetings became more prevalent post-COVID, the workspaces played a vital role in reducing disturbances within the office environment. 

The smaller workspaces are mainly used for important calls. Two of them were affectionately named “Call Me One” and “Call Me Two,” signifying their role in facilitating longer calls. 

‘The phone booths have brought a lot of peace to the office. People have adapted to them well, and use it, especially when they realize it’s a longer call,’ Claudia describes. 

Privacy While Staying Connected

The Taiga Boxes effectively bridge the gap between private and connected spaces at Lindt. According to Claudia, the user experience from the natural acoustics to airflow has been great: 

‘Despite their soundproof design, you still feel connected to the surrounding environment when using the workspaces. Furthermore, the air is always clean, even as they are used frequently.’, Claudia describes. 

A Core Element in the Office

Initially, Lindt ordered a couple of boxes but quickly decided that more was needed to calm down the busy open spaces. With the second order of the updated version of the workspaces, Claudia and the users were pleased to observe the evolution of Taiga’s Lohko Boxes:

‘It was nice to see the changes in the new boxes we ordered. The DNA of the timeless design was kept while adding little things to improve comfort and functionality.’ Claudia describes.

Taiga Boxes have seamlessly integrated into Lindt’s office concept, becoming an essential element, while also leaving opportunity for change. 

‘The workspaces have demonstrated their significance within our core office concept since their introduction. It’s also nice to know that their modular nature assures us of future flexibility,’ Claudia concludes. 

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