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Lohko Pure

Air Purifier

Have you noticed how fresh the air feels after a thunderstorm? This Nature’s purification process destroys microbes and bacteria from the air and increases the level of ions, resulting in extremely fresh air. 

We have brought this purification method into our workspaces. Lohko Pure destroys viruses, bacteria, and dust particles, reduces pathogens on surfaces, and removes unpleasant odors. It ensures top-quality air and a refreshing work experience.

Destorys impurities
Eliminates Odors
Quiet and automatic

A Touch of Fresh Nordic Air

Lohko Pure Devices bring a touch of fresh Nordic air to your office. they remove particles and impurities from the air automatically and unnoticeably. As a result, you are left with pure Nordic freshness, allowing you to utilize your natural workspace to the fullest.

Safe Technology

Lohko Pure uses advanced bipolar ionization technology. It combines a filtration system with an ionization device to efficiently eliminate airborne microbes, decrease surface pathogens, and eliminate unpleasant odors.


General description

Lohko Pure 
Product number
Filter F7
Filter Technique Bipolar ionisation
UL Certification Ionisation device
Compatible LB2 / LB3 / LB5 / LB7, Lohko Flexes
Power consumption 50 W
Control type Automated ionisation level
2 year
Maintance interval 2 year ionisation, 1 year filter
Min. ceiling height Lohko Box 2450 mm, Lohko Flex 2650 m
Lohko Pure Lite 
Product number PU0200
Filter Hepa
Compatible Lohko Boxes, Lohko Flexes
Warranty 2 year
Maintance interval 
1 year filter
Min. ceiling height Lohko Box 2450 mm, Lohko Flex 2650 mm