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About Taiga 

Taiga Concept is a Finnish provider of diverse soundproof space solutions. Our product portfolio draws inspiration from the serene ambiance found in Nordic forests. At Taiga, we offer minimalist and functional soundproof workspaces that can be tailored to suit any office environment. Our comprehensive product range caters to diverse office space requirements, encompassing phone booths, personal workstations, co-working areas, conference rooms, and even larger modular solutions up to 28 square meters. This versatility is made possible through our innovative modular product design.


Taiga was born out of a desire to bring the quiet, calming, and restorative effects of Nordic nature into the workplace. That is also why the environment has always been a top-of-mind thing for us. We design workspace solutions that last and can be reused and reassembled various times. Our supply chain choices follow the nature-inspired high-quality design of our products. This includes choosing responsibly sourced natural and renewable materials, resource-efficient manufacturing and sustained maintenance service. We work with partners that share our values and constantly reassess and aim to find areas where resource efficiency and circularity can be improved.


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