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Experience the Beauty of
Sustainable Timeless Design

Your natural workspace.
Nordic nature-inspired office pods and booths that bring the quiet, restorative effects of nature into the modern workplace. 

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Make work a more enjoyable experience

We create artfully crafted distraction-free office pods and booths that bring the quiet, calming and restorative effects of nature into the workplace. By using real, sustainable, Nordic nature-inspired materials, we make employee well-being the driving force in workplace design. With Taiga, you can transform your workplace into a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment that inspires – a place where everyone can recharge, focus and thrive.

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In Harmony 

With Taiga

Our client base spans across industry leaders and smaller  workplace settings. From expansive projects to minimalist spaces, our mission resonates with many: elevating productivity, creating serene environments, and ensuring that every workspace is a haven for growth. Our goal is to understand the unique situations of each client and offer the optimal solution, from small private office pods and phone booths to large space solutIons. We achieve this through our  strong desire to serve and our capability to customise and create beautiful tailored solutions when needed. 

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