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Flexible Solution for an International Enteprise in the Health Sector


Taiga Collaborated with Monomo and Ergodata to provide Lohko Flex modular conference rooms for an internationally expanding client in the health sector. Because of the rapid growth of the client’s business, the demand for office space grew simultaneously. The project aimed to create an additional 20 standard and 20 drop-in workplaces, along with spaces for meetings, breaks, and spontaneous discussions. Remo Witzig, the architect responsible for this endeavour, played an important role in ensuring the success of the project and the satisfaction of the client:

’The customer was interested in finding a solution that embodied a combination of high-quality design and functionality. After evaluating various meeting boxes, the choice steered towards Taiga. In addition, previous experience of working with Taiga made it a comfortable decision to make,’ Witzig describes.

Large-scale modular solution with Flex

To fit the needs of the office, Taiga’s Flex workspaces were chosen. The large modular solution featuring perforated walls for attachments, such as screen holders, was found to be the optimal solution. In terms of the design, the oak veneer from Taiga’s standard selection was found to be a great fit, in line with aesthetics of the office.

‘From my point of view, Taiga’s soundproof workspaces have a very clear and sympathetic design. They provide privacy and functional features for all kind of usage. We were happy to find all suitable solutions from the veneer and colour options. The mounting of the conference system was very simple and easy to execute.’ Witzig describes.

Versatility and Nordic Chic

Taiga’s Lohko Flex Workspaces are integral to the daily workflow and are used mainly for planned meetings.

’The soundproof workspaces serve primarily as dedicated spaces for meetings. Occasionally, they are also utilized for silent work or spontaneous phone calls. Their versatile usage enhances the office design, characterized by well-balanced transparency and a distinct touch of Nordic chic,’ Witzig says.

‘The customers standards were quite high before the realization of the project. They were happy to find an appealing solution that had the functions needed to create the ideal office for them.’

Widely Adopted Solution

Witzig has observed the intensive use of Taiga’s meeting boxes in the office, and their effect in the client’s corporate culture:

‘They are highly comfortable and were well-received from the start. They have become a popular choice among employees,’ Witzig explains.

’Taiga Meeting Boxes have seamlessly integrated into the office design, effectively becoming a part of the client’s corporate culture. Their presence has contributed to a more efficient and private workspace, aligning perfectly with the existing culture of the company.

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