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KPMG’s Tailored  Interview Booth

KPMG’s headquarters in Canary Wharf recently launched the Ignition centre, which is a hub for technology innovation, insights and collaboration. Together with Source Developments, Taiga Concept provided a unique customised solution for KPMG to conduct interviews and gather feedback from projects.

A Customised Space Solution for Interviews

KPMG had a need for a space that would allow them to conduct video interviews and, in this way, gain feedback from people involved in their large-scale projects. This system would help teams to continuously learn & develop according to the gathered insight. To accomplish this, they needed a comfortable, soundproof product with lighting that enabled a high-quality video. In addition, there had to be enough space to fit the acoustic elements, furniture, a camera as well as the people involved in the interview.

Highly Unique Design

The interview booth needed some custom design and development from Taiga Concept to make sure that all requirements were met. Ben Jones, the director of Source Developments, was pleased to perceive, how knowledgeable and willing Taiga’s team was to provide this unique product for KPMG.

“We were really impressed with Taiga’s design team and their willingness to help customise the product for this project requirement”

Taiga Concept’s Head of Design Pekka Eskelinen, worked out the required changes to the booth. According to him, the product was designed so that it combined two booths to make one custom-sized entirety. The wall in between is cut through, to make it suitable for the interview process. Interiors were designed to be integrated in the product, and the lights also required some changes to the electric system. Despite the changes, it was important for Eskelinen to preserve Taiga’s signature design.

‘’All the additional elements were designed keeping in mind the minimalistic design Taiga is known for’’, Eskelinen describes.

Natural Materials & Functionality

The booth has a birch finishing. Thus, it’s a great addition to the office design that uses a beautiful combination of different natural materials. According to Jones, Taiga’s booth fits the office well, as the design of it feels more residential and comfortable than some other similar products. The booth is in use, and so far, the feedback has been very positive.

“The feedback from the client has been excellent. Not only does the product look great its also serves the purpose perfectly.’’

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