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Kuopio University Hospital: Adaptability in Healthcare 

Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) is one of Finland’s five university hospitals. It is responsible for specialized healthcare for the 247,000 residents of the Northern Savonia region. and for nearly one million residents of Eastern and Central Finland, who require specialized care. KUH provides high- quality healthcare across all medical specialties and includes intensive care units. Taiga collaborated with KUH to provide workspace solutions for cardiologists. The collaboration with Taiga delivered a solution that flexibly and efficiently made necessary spatial changes using Lohko Box soundproof pods while retaining the ability to adapt the space into an intensive care department whenever needed.

Flexible Soundproof Pods for Sustaining Vital Operations

Taiga delivered ten Lohko Box pods to the cardiac unit, centrally-located within the hospital. It houses technology for intensive care. Reino Pyy, the developer of the Wellbeing Services County of North Savo, felt that Taiga’s workspace solutions achieved the desired outcome: cost-efficiently reconfiguring the space while preserving the technology and equipment for intensive care and providing a comfortable silent working environment for cardiologists.

“The project was succesful, and our goals were achieved. One option would have been to dismantle the space, which would have been a considerably more expensive solution. With Taiga’s modular space solutions, we were able to maintain the day-to-day operations of the unit, and retain the possibility of rapidly implementing intensive care units,” said Pyy.

Adaptability in Critical Times

Up to eight intensive care units can be deployed within a few days if necessary. In this case, Taiga’s soundproof pods can be conveniently dissembled and moved to another space within the hospital. The flexibility especially important, as COVID-19 demonstrated the need for quick adaptability in the healthcare system.

‘During Covid, there was a lot of discussion about the sufficiency of the intense care units. It contributed to the solution that we decided on. In just a few days, we can move the pods to a different location – and have a space for high-quality intense care.’ Pyy highlights.

Soundproof Pods for Cardiologists

Taiga soundproof pods are available to cardiologists in the KYS cardiac department. It includes the cardiology outpatient clinic, the procedure unit, and the inpatient ward. These workspaces serve as recording and office points for cardiologists and use them for up to 50% of their working hours. The range of tasks for cardiologists is extensive, so having a peaceful environment for tasks such as writing patient records and doing research is crucial. The workspaces received a warm welcome and have proven to be a valuable asset for cardiologists to perform private work.

KUH chose the white spruce veneer to create a sense of space and brightness in the room. Ten Lohko Boxes are strategically positioned within the 100 square meter space.

‘In some places, the booths also function as a space divider, for example, between a break room and the working area.’

A Smooth Process from Idea to Assembly

According to Pyy, taiga completed the entire process promptly, from conception to implementation. He considers Taiga to be a flexible partner both in the workspace solutions as well as the service provided.

“It was easy to work with Taiga. Coordination of installation was straightforward, and it went smoothly. Taiga organized the logistics, as well as on-site operations on a quick schedule.’’

Lohko Box soundproof pods at Kuopio University Hospital serve as a compelling example of how modular workspace solutions extend beyond offices. They can also play a crucial role in healthcare settings, providing essential flexibility.

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