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Lohko Seating

Lohko Seating encompasses an artfully crafted range of sofas and stools designed to enhance your workspace. At the heart of this collection lies a commitment to Taiga’s timeless design principles. The fusion of high-quality materials and thoughtful, ergonomic design ensures an optimal working experience for teams of all sizes.

Lohko Furniture and Accessories are thoughtfully designed products to make the most out of your Lohko workspaces. They maximize the sense of space and create optimal environments for even longer stays. The various options in seating, tables, and accessories allow for flexibly creating the right solution for your office, from private work zones to collaborative environments.

Tailored to fit Lohko workspaces
Ecological materials
Optimal ergonomics

Lohko 2 Sofa

A comfortable sofa with excellent back support, perfectly tailored for Lohko Box 2. It’s an outstanding choice for many workspace arrangements, including ad-hoc meetings, collaborative tasks, and relaxation.

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Lohko Stool

The LB Stool is designed to enhance the spatial efficiency within Lohko Box 1. Its adjustable height and 360-degree rotation feature ensure an optimized user experience. It seamlessly integrates into Lohko Box 1, but can also create excellent co-working setups in our larger workspaces.

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Lohko 3 Sofa

A spacious sofa offering excellent back support, accommodating up to 3 people. While it’s an ideal match for Lohko Box 3, its larger size also makes it suitable for creating comfortable meeting and co-working areas in the more expansive workspaces.

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