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Lohko Box 

Nature-inspired Pods

The original nature-inspired soundproof workspaces. Lohko Boxes are thoughtfully designed office pods and booths for private work, coworking and meetings. From the essential office phone booth to a spacious 6-person meeting booth, Lohko Box is your go-to distraction-free modular space solution, bringing nature to your work environment in uncompromised simplicity.

Lohko Flex 

Natural Sense of Space

A large modular solution where versatility meets spaciousness. Lohko Flex broadens horizons with spaces ranging from 10 to 28 square meters. Far from your average office booths or pods, they are dynamic space solutions that can seamlessly integrate the technology and interiors you require. Transform the Flex into comfortable conference rooms, dynamic learning environments or inviting waiting areas. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination!

Lohko Picea 

Efficient Tranquility

Lohko Picea was originally born as a tailored solution for a large-scale client project. It serves as an efficient means to introduce a calming enviornment that enhances productivity within any office. Thanks to its size, it maximizes the use of available space.