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Tredu – Innovative Space Solution for Education 

Tampere Vocational College, Tredu, is one of the biggest vocational schools in Finland. It operates in multiple locations around Tampere offering a variety of different degrees and courses.

Tech, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship

Tredu’s strategy concentrates on three main themes: Technology, sustainability and entrepreneurship. According to Senior Lecturer Inga Pöntiö, they accommodate modern technology to appropriately respond to the rapid transformation of professions and skills. In Spring 2021, Tredu acquired a spacious Lohko Flex workspace from Taiga Concept.

– The new Lohko Flex workspace is aligned with all of the strategic goals of Tredu, Pöntiö says.

Haven for Knowledge and Innovation

Lohko Flex workspace is the newest smart learning environment at Tredu. It allows for increasingly adding new technologies such as virtual and simulated environments. At the moment the Lohko learning environment includes Pepper-Robot, which is used as a learning tool. In addition, there are VR-glasses, GoPro-cameras and Web cameras that allow for hosting meetings or teaching all around the world. This is especially important with the current remote-teaching environment.

– Lohko workspace enables a calm and comfortable work environment as it has powerful ventilation and soundproofing. We have, for example, successfully hosted a China-forum as a part of developing the knowledge export of Tredu. The forum was broadcasted through zoom and was attended by 80 representatives of educational institutions and local governments, Pöntiö describes.

Diverse and Flexible Learning

The workspace is used for multiple educational activities such as meetings, teamwork, webinars and teaching. Another main theme of Tredu’s strategy is sustainability. The transforming field of work is promoted in a sustainable way. The goal is to have graduates that are aware of the significance of ecological, social and economic sustainability in the future, Pöntiö describes.

– The workspaces will be used to progress sustainability in the college community. For example, a workshop that concentrates on the energy level of students will be accommodated at the Lohko workspace.

Pöntiö says that another key theme at Tredu is entrepreneurship

– We encourage our student towards entrepreneurship and also educate our staff on it. The Lohko workspace will be great for entrepreneurship courses as it’s a great place for teamwork and streaming events

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