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Lohko Flex12

Office Meeting Pod

Versatile 12 square meter office meeting booth for various purposes. Use it as a coworking booth, or transform it into a convenient waiting room for up to 10 people.

Lohko Flex is a large modular space solution. The product line encompasses thoughtfully designed spaces up to 28 square meters. Flex works well as a co-working space, meeting booth, conference room or waiting room. The design with perforated walls allows for various layouts and attachment of required accessories.

Large modular solution
Natural acoustics
Ecological materials
Powerful ventilation
Integrated control panel
Perforated wall structure

Your Natural Workspace

Taiga embodies a profound connection to the natural world. The genuine warmth of wooden veneers fosters a sense of authenticity, inviting comfort and well-being. Every design element, from cozy acoustics to pleasant lighting, is carefully considered to uphold the natural feel of the product. Glass walls on both sides further enhance this experience, creating a comfortable and Natural sense of space. This ensures a harmonious synergy of form and function, optimising your space for well-being and productivity. 

Timeless Simplicity

Taiga’s Lohko workspaces are a testament to timeless design. Marked by clean lines and a minimalist essence, they stand the test of time, in both durability and trends. Functionality merges seamlessly with the design, from an integrated control panel to various optional add-on products. Lohko workspaces offer a spectrum of sizes, accessories, and modular configurations. Rooted in a designer’s perspective, these office pods and booths embody user-centric simplicity, these office pods and booths embody user-centric simplicity, ensuring a functional and elegant solution for modern work.


General description
Product number LF363600
Capacity 8-10 people
Ventilation 210 l/s


Surface Veneer or laminate
Wall structure Wooden sandwich structure
Inside Wall Perforated surface
Glass Laminated and tempered sound control glass
Door Black RAL 9005, in projects customisable, opens inside


External dimensions W. 3600 mm L. 3600 mm H. 2450 mm
Wall dimensions W. 3600 mm L. 3600 mm H. 2400 mm
Internal dimensions W. 3440 mm L. 3440 mm H. 2320 mm
Recommended ceiling height H. 2550 mm
Door opening width W. 950 mm H. 2250 mm
Product weight approx. 1590 kg
Product packages 3 pallets W. 750 mm L. 2500 mm H. 1160 mm
Packed weight approx. 1800 kg
Input EU / UK / CHINA: 220-240 VAC / 10 A US: 100-130 VAC / 15 A
Output EU / UK / CHINA: 220-240 VAC / 9 A US: 100-130 VAC / 14 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz


Normal power consumption 191 W
Max. power consumption 206 W
LED power consumption 143 W
Normal Fan power consumption 48 W
Standby Fan power consumption 33 W
Max Fan power consumption 63 W


Power supply From roof or from floor with 10m power cable
Socket 2 x 4 pc power socket
Light 5 x Dimmable LED light, Length 2,2 m, Lumens 14432 lm, color temperature 4000k
Ventilation Adjustable fan, Auto mode
Co2 Sensor Auto fan
Safety Switch RCBO


Elements / glass 5 years
Electric 2 years
Sprinkler / cable hole Safe modification area for small holes marked on roof. See instructions before any modifications!
Door handedness Right handed option
Extra accessories  LB 2/ LB 3 Sofa, Clothes hook, Screen holder, Extra Sockets (power, USB, RJ45 Cat6)
Oak black
Ash white
Oak white
Spruce white
Ash black
Laminate custom color

LB3 Sofa
LB2 Sofa

TV Bracket