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Lohko Flex 

Natural Sense of Space

A large modular solution where versatility meets spaciousness. Lohko Flex broadens horizons with spaces ranging from 10 to 28 square meters. Far from your average office booths or pods, they are dynamic space solutions that can seamlessly integrate the technology and interiors you require. Transform the Flex into comfortable conference rooms, dynamic learning environments or inviting waiting areas. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination!

Large modular solution
Natural acoustics
Ecological materials
Powerful ventilation
Integrated control panel
Perforated wall structure

Companies In Harmony
With Taiga

Our client base spans across industry leaders and smaller  workplace settings. From expansive projects to minimalist spaces, our mission resonates with many: elevating productivity, creating serene environments, and ensuring that every workspace is a haven for growth. Our goal is to understand the unique situations of each client and offer the optimal solution. We achieve this through our  strong desire to serve and our capability to customize and create beautiful tailored solutions.