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Updates 2024

We’re delighted to step into 2024 with some exciting product updates. Our goal remains to enhance flexibility while preserving our signature minimalist aesthetics. Keep reading to learn what’s new!

Lohko Box 1 with Side Table

Taiga has brought an update to the classic Lohko Box 1 as a response to the increasing trend of online video conferencing. We’ve seen user behaviour change over the last two years, with longer occupancy times and a change in the desired characteristics of our break-out spaces. The rejuvenated Lohko Box 1 enables placement of the table on either side, or at the back. Our LED strip is orientated based on the table location to provide optimized lighting. The new thinner table provides a more ergonomic experience for the seated user. Additionally, the table-mounted Phase Unit facilitates laptop charging for longer meetings. Pair the Lohko Box 1 with the new Lohko Screen Panel for a truly seamless experience.

Lohko Screen Panel

Upgrade your video conferencing experience using the Lohko Screen Panel. Designed specifically for the Lohko Box 1, the Screen Panel replaces one of our upholstered acoustic panels and offers space to mount a 24- or 27-inch screen. By opting for the Screen Panel, customers can transform their Lohko Box 1 into a state-of-the-art conferencing booth without compromising the Nordic, minimalist aesthetic. Not only can the Screen Panel enhance the experience for new customers, but this module can also be retrofitted to any existing Lohko Box 1, making it the ideal option for those looking to refresh their existing products

Upgraded Lohko Tables

At Taiga, we are always searching for ways to improve our product. We make improvements according to our design philosophy, constantly assessing our material choices to find a balance between quality, sustainability, and functionality. Our new fabric choices excel both in quality and sustainability. The new standard fabric, Gabriel Cura, is not only finely crafted, but also made from 98% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Sustainable Fabrics

We have refined our tables to be more minimalistic, preserving the airy-feel of Taiga’s design. The new thinner tables are the perfect functional accessory for meeting spaces or solo workstations alike. All tables are powered with a two-socket Phase unit as standard. Therefore, you don’t have to stress if your meeting runs overtime.